How to use the Teachers' Email


Note: Please type mail\ before your username when you are signing in, e.g.: mail\ABELZ123




How to configure my home PC to use Outlook2003

To perform the following procedure you must have Microsoft Outlook 2003 installed on your home PC.  Please note that the feature described below is only available for Outlook 2003.  (If you do not have MS Outlook 2003 installed at home you can always use Outlook Web Access to access your mailbox by going to and clicking on the “Teachers’ Mail” button.)

  1. Open Control Panel and then double click on Mail Icon (If you don’t have the “Mail” icon, click on “Switch to Classic view” to see the “Mail” icon)
  2. In the screen displayed click on the button Profiles and then click on Add
  3. Type in a name for the profile, e.g., TeacherMail
  4. After typing in the name of the profile click on the button OK.
  5. A new window will now be displayed. Select Add a new email account and then click on the button Next.
  6. In the new window select Microsoft Exchange Server as the type of server.  Click on the Next button.
  7. Now type in the name of the Microsoft Exchange Server i.e.
  8. In the field User Name type in your Username.
  9. After completing these steps click on the button More Settings
  10. In the window displayed click on the tab Security
  11. In the Logon network security drop down box choose Password Authentication (NTLM).
  12. Switch to the tab Connection.
  13. Check the box Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP.
  14. Click on the button Exchange Proxy Settings.
  15. In the new window displayed type in the following URL
  16. Click on the button OK on all the open windows.
  17. When you open Outlook 2003 it will prompt for your username and password. As a username, type in mail\ and your login name (Note that it is a backslash and not a slash. Don’t leave any spaces between the \ and your login). Then type your password in the password box.


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